Relay protection class

GPS device for time


A brief introduction, function
1, the military grade TGPS-01 core module, timing and positioning speed, high precision.
2, device provides dual serial RS232 output, multi adjustable rate, convenient and other communication device interface. B code version can output IRIG-B code.
3, to provide 48 synchronous clock pulse, adding external pulse amplification can be infinitely extended, when, minutes and seconds, adjustable pulse.
4, front panel LCD can display the absolute time and the latitude and longitude.
Two, the installation structure
The device adopts the standard 19/2 inch chassis, the entire panel, embedded installation structure, communication and pulse output interface in the case rear panel, a front panel door open.
Note: when users install the antenna, the antenna is placed in the best outdoor open, yang angle must be greater than 120 degrees, the bigger the better, which helps to improve the initial synchronization speed.
Three, serial communication protocol
Serial each output 16 bytes, one of the first fixed for * * *, the next 14 bit format for the ASCII time information, and finally as a single byte checksum. The following table:
0 * start byte bit fixed *
1 to 1 years with four ASCII said, the highest (thousand)
2 to 2 years with four ASCII, second (100)
3 to 3 years with four ASCII, third (ten)
4 to 4 years with four ASCII, the lowest (a bit)
In May the month with two ASCII, the highest (ten)
6 at the end of the month with two bit ASCII, the lowest (a bit)
7 NIKKO daily two ASCII, the highest (ten)
8 to the daily two ASCII, the lowest (a bit)
9 high with two bit ASCII said, the highest (ten)
10 low with two ASCII, the lowest (a bit)
11 high points represented by two bit ASCII, the highest (ten)
Said the 12 low with two ASCII, the lowest (a bit)
13 seconds high second with two ASCII, the highest (ten)
14 seconds low second with two ASCII, the lowest (a bit)
15 calibration and inspection and 1-14 time information and bytes (not including * and checksum itself)
For example: the serial output
* 19980122 101230 -
0x2a 0x31 0x39 0x39 0x38 0x30 0x31 0x32 0x32 0x31 0x30 0x31 0x32 0x33 0x30 0xf1
On behalf of the time for the January 22, 1998 10:12:30.
Four, the main application

TGPS-01 satellite timing device is mainly used for time accurate situation, at present, the protection device in substation at school, it has been widely applied. Often supporting the use of wave information transmission system with protection.
Five, accessory examination
Including the TGPS-01 device out of the box:
Device a, instructions, a set of an antenna.
If anything, please contact the manufacturer for.