Relay protection class

Information management system of relay protection


1 Overview
With the development of power system, analysis of relay protection monitoring, system fault and protection and management automation level is relatively backward, at the same time, the original scheduling system of professional division would have been unable to meet the needs of the market. In order to meet the need of the development of power system and user needs, based Baoding Tyco to substation monitoring, data communication network, protocol conversion, equipment power analysis applications experience summed up in the years, in accordance with international standards and national standards, electric power software platform on the standardization of the development of a comprehensive information management system WT-01 protection, the system includes a master system and slave system two parts.
2 system
Access protection equipment
The system is connected to the protective device through the optical fiber, eliminate the disturbance to the protection device; the system can support multiple communication protocols in power system in our country, to realize access most relay protection equipments, such as IEC60870 - 5 - 101, IEC60870 - 5 - 103, IEC60870 - 5 - 104, Fang protection protocol, Nari protection protocol (LFP), self protection protocol (TCP103), Xu Ji protection protocol, MODBUS protocol, Yinshan recorder statute, Wuhan central recorder statute, Alexander recorder protocol and Shenzhen Shuanghe recorder protocol, communications equipment driving mode and specification interpretation module can be extended.
The data forwarding
Sub station system with forwarding functionality to a plurality of master station and other systems, but also for forwarding to multi master station. Forward channel analog channel support, digital channel, using TCP / IP network way forward. Tripping incident report transmission priority.
The equipment inspection
Sub station system of automatic inspection filter on the fault protection device, all access record, if found fault, the system will automatically generate the book station equipment failure report and save, according to the preset conditions, active for master station system.
The offline modeling
Monitoring platform by modeling the full graphical modeling, a system according to the IEC61970, the two system modeling with IEC61850.
The equipment management
Integrated device associated with the management functions. Including equipment information retrieval, equipment, defect management, value management, statistical analysis.
The operation and management
Including the protection of analog quantity, switch quantity, check protection signal reset, pressboard switching, fixed value called, setting check, fault information online monitoring, fault query statistics, protective behavior evaluation, reclosing evaluation, fault information online monitoring function.
The recording and analysis
The recorder data analysis and fault calculation, setting calculation.
The Web release
Users can access the site through the browser, without installing any software client.
3 system features
Cross platform technology. UNIX / LINUX / WINDOWS
★ CORBA service middleware
★ QT graphics library and multilingual Technology
★ all graphic one or two unified modeling technology
Using WEB 2 to release information
The use of embedded real time database.
★ parallel processing technology
Using ★ embedded real-time multi task operating system
★ fiber to the protection device, completely solve the problem of interference
★ protected access module supports hot plug
★ through GPS software and hardware of intelligent correction system, guarantee system, unified time scale
★ multi-level scheduling fault reporting initiative delivery, improve the real-time fault upload
Alarm information, complete, and can also provide sound, light, images and text messages and multi-faceted alarm information
The 4 technical indicators
Main technical parameters
The system capacity
◆ connected sub station number: ≤ 128
◆ connection, quantity: ≤ 16
◆ station IED intelligent device access each sub number: ≤ 256
The total storage capacity: 5 years
The system availability
The availability of more than 99.9%
The reliability of the system
The main equipment (such as server, workstation, H ≥ 5 years);
◆ system peripherals (printers) H ≥ 1 years;
◆ modem (Modem) 56kbit / s, Flex / V90 protocol;
Clock and standard time error is less than the system 1ms;
Switching time of the dual < 30 SEC;
◆ master screen resolution: 1280 * 1024;
◆ communication speed
Sub station: serial mode 4800-38400bps, Ethernet 10M;
The main station and sub station (DIAL): serial mode 9600-38400bps, Ethernet 2M E1 recommended port mode optical fiber transmission;
The master station system: 100M / 10M.
◆ information transmission time
Event report: < 2min / station;
A large area of system fault, all information < 60min;
Other information < 5min / station;
Sub station wheel inspection: 10min (can be set to open, close and cycle).
Technical parameters of the sub station
◆ Ethernet (shielded twisted pair)
The communication distance: 100M single stage (can be extended by appropriate means);
The communication rate: 10Mbps.
The serial communication port
The communication rate of 600 ~ 38400bps adjustable.
The power loss
Rated load, the power consuming device:
AC ≤ 30VA;
DC ≤ 30W.