Battery monitoring

Intelligent battery parameter sensor


Devices overview
Intelligent battery parameter sensor is the first domestic battery monomer and with a small DC discharge method for measuring the internal resistance of battery module based on, also the precision measurement of battery voltage and temperature. The main valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery on-line monitoring, lithium battery, gel or fixed cell development. Sensor with communication interface, and communicate through a dedicated communication bus and proprietary protocol. Can be widely used in electric power, military, aviation, railway, fire, electric vehicles and other fields, is the realization "the preferred device state maintenance" battery.
Model description

Technical characteristics
1, small size (80*49*24mm);
2, low current DC discharge technology;
3, internal resistance measurement data is accurate, and the Alber CellcorderAlber CLC-200 and Midtronics CTU-6000 in the same block cell measurement experiment.
4, measurement of consistency, this point is an important technical characteristics of AC injection method.
5, high measuring accuracy.
6, temperature measurement from the battery pole sampling, more objectively reflect the temperature inside the battery.
7, communication support cascading communication, suitable for battery measurement.
8, strong interference resistance.
Electrical parameters
The battery voltage range: 2V type: +1.5 to +3V; 12V (6V): +4.8 to +15V;
Voltage measurement range: 2V type: +1.5 to +3V; 12V (6V): +4.8 to +15V;
Temperature measurement range: -25 to +80 degrees Celsius
Impedance measurement range: 0.05 to 250m.
Electromagnetic compatibility
Electrostatic discharge immunity: severe grade IV; electromagnetic radiation immunity: severity level III
Electrical fast transient burst immunity: severe grade IV; oscillatory waves immunity: severe grade iv;
Isolation characteristics
Input / output interface, power frequency withstand voltage value: 4.0KV; value of power frequency withstand voltage communication interface: 4.0KV;
Other data
Working temperature: -30 to +70 ℃ storage temperature: -45 to +85 ℃; quality: 40g
Mechanical properties
Tolerance: ± 1.5mm