Low voltage power distribution, agricultural class

Automatic tracking compensation arc suppression coil device


  Scope of application:The control device is mainly used in the 6KV to 66KV neutral non grounded power system, used to automatically tracking single-phase dynamic compensation in power system grounding capacitive current. When the single-phase grounding fault happens, can automatically implement the best compensation, the residual current of fault point is less than 5A. Can effectively suppress the arc grounding overvoltage harm, prevention of the single phase earthing fault caused by the phase to phase short circuit and cable blasting. The device can also be in accordance with user requirements, setting the user wants to compensating state. The device can be widely used in all kinds of high voltage distribution network in mine, oil, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and large and medium city.
  Device profile:The basic principle of the arc suppression coil is the use of DC excitation current, reluctance to change the core, thereby change the core of reactance value objective, it can bring high voltage electric speed adjusting inductance.
  The basic functions of:Automatic tracking system capacitive current change; when the single-phase grounding fault occurs, the voltage rise speed automatic compensation system of single phase grounding capacitive current frequency components and reduce the fault arc, in order to extinguish the grounding arc and reduce high amplitude intermittent arc grounding over voltage frequency.
Other functions:
Display A information and storage functions
B setting function
C data query functions
D communication function
E self-test function and alarm function
  Performance characteristics:
1) device is controlled by a singlechip, real-time display of capacitive current, and has the capacitance current memory function and self checking function.
2) arc suppression coil adjustment range, the compensation current limit of up to 10 times more than. No additional damping resistance, there is no resistance caused by dead time control of burning and series resonance problems.
3) real-time implementation of dynamic compensation function. In any state, once power single-phase ground fault occurs, the controller is applied to the instantaneous excitation current of arc suppression coil, the implementation of optimal compensation. The dynamic compensation, from the fundamental solution to the compensation system of series resonant overvoltage problem.
4) is the only one that can have compensation device supporting the use of directional power of small current grounding line selection with the grid of central plains.
5) control system fully functional, real-time display the capacitance current, residual current compensation capacitor current, with memory function and grounding fault memory function.
6) with RS232, RS485 serial interface, with the host computer communication, real-time transmission of capacitive current, the neutral point voltage, device self check information, the grid information to ground fault current, residual current transfer compensation.
7) with two or more cameras and transport functions.
8) device can be equipped with a micro printer, the fault information, print out information about.
The performance index:
1) automatic tracking time <3S;
2) system capacitive current measurement error of <2.0%
3) residual flow <10A; residual current stabilization time <100ms
4) device rated operating time >2h
5) maximum harmonic current <5A