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For the establishment of the product quality and service supervision mechanism, ensure to provide good quality products and service for customers, the company's solemn commitment to customers:
(a), product quality assurance system requirements
Quality policy: quality oriented, science and technology. Continuous improvement, quality products.
(b), product standards and quality assurance
The company's products in full compliance with national GB standard and IEC standard, at the same time, the company use the technical indicators in the specification. The company has a professional technical staff, all the year round 24 hours to provide you with efficient, comprehensive services. We will wholeheartedly provide the after sale service and technical service for you.
1, to ensure the provision of in strict accordance with the national standard production of the contract equipment procurement and production process, all the materials are to comply with the ISO9000 procedures, and comply with the relevant national standards or industry.
2, if you have need, ask my company will be unconditionally provide all technical data, provisions of the contract or agreement, the relevant process parameters detection, Ming book etc..
3, according to the needs of the construction units and the use of the user, our company will send technical personnel arrived at the scene have rich experience, service. When necessary, can be free of charge for the training of technical personnel. Our commitment, appearing solely according to the contract was dispatched to the scene of the personnel to be able to service problems in the process of.
4, when you have questions about our products, we will be the fastest speed to be satisfied with the answer. User requirements to the scene after sale service, 12 hours to ensure that sent people to arrive at the scene.
5, my company's products "Three Guarantees" service. Regardless of whether the product in the warranty period, if failure, regardless of who is to blame, our first maintenance or replacement, to ensure production responsibility.
6, our company has powerful ability to deliver, at any time to meet the needs of users of the contract products and spare parts.
7, for my company's products, we will conduct quality tracking service, maintain close contact with you. Responsible for the quality of the products, the user is responsible for in the end. A perennial 24 hour customer service hotline, call.
Perennial 24 hour customer service hotline: 13273209627
The promise: Baoding Xin Yu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.